17 November 2014

This post is just a little list of my daily used must-have extensions for Visual Studio, it may or may not get updated in the future.


These try to enhance the experience of using the great IDE that Visual Studio is.

SaveAllTheTime (Free)

It does exactly as it’s named, it makes sure to call the save command on open files every few seconds to amke sure those gnarly BSOD’s doesn’t get you down. You can find it here.

VSCommands (Commercial with non-expiring evaluation mode)

A nice little collection of IDE enhancements, such as the possibility to group items in your project without manually editing your .*proj file. Badges that indicates which branch or tag you’ve currently opened in Visual Studio. Continuous syncing of your settings to a folder of your choice, useful for backing them up in Dropbox and the like. And several other features. Find it here.

VCS extensions

These are for integrating otherwise unsupported Version Control Systems.

VisualHG (Free)

This is quite useful if you’re keeping track of your code in Mercurial, find it here.

Git Source Control Provider (Free)

Although Microsoft has official support of Git now, it still doesn’t work nearly as good as TortoiseGit in my humble opinion. This neat little plug-in integrates it quite well, and it’s by far the best experience I’ve had using Git and Visual Studio together. Find it here.


Open-Source competitor to VisualSVN that’s generally quite stable. it had a few quirks you had to work around last time I used it a couple of years ago, but generally works quite well. If Subversion’s your thing, as opposed to a more modern distributed VCS, go get this extension. Find it here.

Web tools

These aim to enhance your web development experience.

Web Essentials (Free)

This extension by Mads Kristensen of Microsoft Seattle and creator of BlogEngine.NET is quite extensive, and it includes all sorts of cool stuff like compilation of CoffeeScript, SASS, LESS, ZenCoding and much more. If you’re a web developer, you can’t be without this great extension. Find it here.

Code analysis and optimizers

These aim to improve your code, coding style and layer themselves on top of Visual Studios otherwise great IntelliSense support, taking it even further.

ReSharper (Commercial)

You’ll never get around the almighty ReSharper by JetBrains when you’re talking about Visual Studio extensions. It has far too many great features to mention them here. Go get it now, it’s an order! Find it here.