My experience covers a great number of different technologies and projects, and the list is ever growing. I always strive to be the best that I can be, and then some, I hate compromising, though I from time to time have to because of deadlines, lack of allocated resources etc. I'm proud of what I do, I'm proud of what I've achieved, and hope to achieve a great deal more in the years to come; and as hinted above, I strive to deliver products I can be proud of, both in terms of functionality and feel, as well as in code design.

Me outside work

I'm a very down to earth person, humorous, and quite the conversationalist. I dabble in photography, though as most amateurs I'm not all that great to be honest. I love listening to music, watching movies, going to concerts, and I'm a bit of a Hifi enthusiast. I'm also quite fond of red wine, so if you have a good bottle you'd like me to taste I rarely pass up the chance;-)

Get in touch

Name: Mikkel Petersen
Email: mikkel _at_ mikkelp _dot_ com
Phone (DK): +45 40 50 29 21
Phone (US): +1 (661) 666-2959