07 October 2014

A couple weeks ago I was at my parents house doing some cleaning. One of the tasks I undertook was that of going through all our floppy disks, save what needed to be saved, and dispose of the disks. It was actually quite an emotional thing, and yes i know it’s weird, but it was! That funny whining clacky-di-clack sound of the motor in my Mitsumi USB drive brought back some fond memories of a time that was once was.

But in the middle of the pile of 3M’s and Sony’s, I stumbled upon something I had long since forgotten. A very special disk that I instantly remembered how I got, a translucent blue disk that I once got with an action figure, when shopping with mom and grandma. Must’ve been no older than 4-5 years old. Little did I realise back then, that the toy and disk was actually a movie memorabilia from an action movie I wouldn’t see until years later, Independence Day (IMDB), one of my favorite sci-fi’s! It’s a so called ID4 Mission Disk, and this one is number 6, containing a weird little game where you need to program a satellite through a laptop, to be able to talk to extraterrestrials.

Now all I need is to find the actual toy, I hope I still have it somewhere, and regarding the disk, this is one disk I won’t dispose of.

And here it is:

And as an added bonus below you’ll find a video going the through the game contained on the disk, courtesy of: Taylor Cheatwood