19 October 2014

Are you sick of the standard Spotify player too? That it’s hogging memory like crazy, the interface is bloated, becomes non-responsive and it lacks an equalizer? Then you’d be please to know that there is an alternative, and pretty darn good one!

Meet Spotiamp (http://spotiamp.com), a player able to play content from Spotify Premium subscription, and looks and feels like an exact copy of good old Winamp; possibly some reverse engineering was performed? It’s compatible with Winamp 2 skins, and also Winamp visualization plugins. It is created as a side project by Ludvig Strigeus, a renowned Swedish software developer also behind projects like Trac, ScummVM and more.

Make sure to check it out, you really won’t regret it, if you’re a Spotify user.

Now all there’s really left to say is; “Winamp, Winamp, it really whips the Llama’s ass!”

UPDATE: 16-05-2015

Since Spotiamp’s official website has been down for quite some time, I’ve decided to put up a mirror for it here: Mirror.

UPDATE: 15-03-2017

Find the original website at Wayback Machine.