Below you’ll find a series of blog posts. I write about everything I find interesting, daily work challenges, random thoughts and really everything and nothing. I write this blog both for you to enjoy, and as a reminder of useful approaches for myself. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it; have fun :-)

  • Starting with jekyll

    A quick walthrough of the most basic commands for installing and “developing” with Jekyll.

  • Ruby on Windows

    Here’s a small cheat sheet for installing both the Ruby runtime, and the Ruby compiler and SDK that you can use for developing gems, and compiling gems from source, which is necessary from time to time.

  • Install or update certificates on Apache

    I decided to write this post, as I spent some time researching this the last time I had to do it, so I figured I probably weren’t the only one out there who were kinda clueless on this.

    Whether you need to install or update a certificate on an Apache instance, the process is largely the same. To sum it up you first have to create a certificate request (CSR), use the CSR during the ordering process at your favourite issuer, install it, and restart the daemon.

  • My favorite Visual Studio Extensions

    This post is just a little list of my daily used must-have extensions for Visual Studio, it may or may not get updated in the future.

  • Prevent IIS 7.5 Application Pool from shutting down

    If you, like me, like to encapsulate jobs in the IIS app pool, as opposed to creating scheduled tasks in Windows Task Scheduler you’ve most likely faced the same issues as I with your application pool shutting down after being inactive for some time. Read on for a guide on how to configure IIS 7.5 for having always running and auto starting app pools.

  • A better Spotify player

    Are you sick of the standard Spotify player too? That it’s hogging memory like crazy, the interface is bloated, becomes non-responsive and it lacks an equalizer? Then you’d be please to know that there is an alternative, and pretty darn good one!

  • A blast from the past

    A couple weeks ago I was at my parents house doing some cleaning. One of the tasks I undertook was that of going through all our floppy disks, save what needed to be saved, and dispose of the disks. It was actually quite an emotional thing, and yes i know it’s weird, but it was! That funny whining clacky-di-clack sound of the motor in my Mitsumi USB drive brought back some fond memories of a time that was once was.

  • Clean your Windows Logs

    I personally hate doing manual maintenance of servers and running applications as I consider such tasks rather mundane and I beleive they should be as autonomous as possible. Previously I was under the impression that even relatively simple tasks couldn’t be scripted on Windows without writing VBScripts or some fancy .Net powered Powershell scripts. Truth be told, that’s still true in most cases, but actually not when looping files, as I found out by coincidence.

  • Change commit author in Git

    If you’ve ever had a reason to change the author name and/or email of one or more commits in a Git repository then fear not, it can be done. It, quite obviously, involves rewriting the history of your repository, and involves running a BASH script that utilizes the git-filter-branch utility included in the Git installer.

  • Cookiereports done right

    Err… sorta. There’s no doubt that Cookiereports is a terrible product, that I really can’t see the value of; as opposed to writing the legal stuff yourself. But for some reason clients insists on using them, so below you’ll find a nice little Umbraco MacroPartial, that will at least let you integrate it into your site a bit better than the god awful iframe solution they normally force you to use. Naturally this solution isn’t limited to Umbraco, it can be used in any MVC View or Partial View, or even in Webforms, if you care to do some minor coding yourself.